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Christmas Turkeys in Singapore For Under S$120

Zann Huang

What would a Christmas feast be without sumptuous Christmas turkeys roasted to perfection? 

While they make your festive celebrations complete, this feasting can also be a tad costly during this festive season. To save you time from hunting for the “ideal” Christmas turkey , we’ve listed 6 places where you can get one for under $120.

Huber’s Butchery

Huber’s Butchery offers the widest range of turkeys in Singapore, from those that weigh 4kg to a huge 10kg. Place your order online and have it delivered or just head down to their store at Dempsey Hill to pick it up. As they offer fully deboned turkeys, defrosted and fully frozen ones (takes up to 3 days to defrost), be sure to pick the right type of turkey and plan your cooking schedule accordingly.

Price: $50 to $110

The Butcher

If time is not on your side, skip visiting a physical store and get your turkey delivered to your home instead. The Butcher offers 5 frozen turkey options, ranging from a 5kg bird to one that is 9kg for under $120. Apart from turkeys, they also carry organic turkey, deboned turkey breasts and turducken (yes, turkey, duck, chicken and stuffing rolled into one!).

Price: $70 (approximately 5kg before roasting) to $110 (approximately 9kg before roasting)

Ryan’s Grocery

Looking to just get a simple roasted turkey? Consider this premium turkey marinated with gluten-free seasoning and brined in gluten-free turkey broth (no additional oil, sugar or MSG added). All that’s left for you to do is place the turkey in the oven and follow the instructions on the packaging. Doesn’t come any easier than this if you are intending to roast your own turkey for the family feasting!

Price: $63 (approximately 4.5kg before roasting) 

Just for those who aren’t sure how heavy a turkey to purchase, here’s a simple chart to keep in mind:

Weight (before roasting) For how many persons (as a main)
8 to 10 lbs, 3.6kg to 4.5kg 8 to 10
10 to 12 lbs, 4.5kg to 5.4kg 10 to 12
12 to 14 lbs, 5.4kg to 6.3kg 12 to 14
14 to 16 lbs, 6.3kg to 7.2kg 14 to 16
16 to 18 lbs, 7.2kg to 8.1kg 16 to 18
18 to 20 lbs, 8.1kg to 9kg 18 to 20
20 to 22 lbs, 9kg to 9.9kg 20 to 22

No time to cook?

Fret not if you just simply do not have the time or cannot cook because there will always be caterers and supermarkets to save Christmas! In this case, JAM at Siri House, Cold Storage and NTUC Fairprice. We’re here for it.

JAM at Siri House

Focus on catching up with your guests this year and get a roasted turkey delivered right to your doorstep! Comes complete with stuffing, foie and cognac brown butter gravy, red berry jam and green apple compote to boot. Not to mention, if you are looking to really hang up the apron this year, they also offer festive bundles at affordable prices which consists of roast beef, pork and the all important, butter roasted potatoes. 

Price: $99 (approximately 3kg+ after roasting)

Cold Storage

Pick and choose from roasted turkeys to sous vide turkey breasts and smoked turkey legs from Cold Storage this Christmas. However, they do not come with accompaniments or gravy (sigh!). Cranberry sauce, pineapple chutney and gravy comes at an additional cost of $6.95 per serving (good for 2 to 4 adults).

Apart from just turkey, Cold Storage also offers a range of other ready-to-eat roasted meats, appetisers, side dishes and desserts! Just be sure to place your order by 20th December to collect or have your order delivered by 25th December. 

Price: $59.95 for a roasted turkey (approximately 3.6kg to 4.6kg before roasting)

NTUC Fairprice

Cold Storage may offer a wide range of ready-to-eat festive options, but NTUC Fairprice offers the essentials at really affordable prices. For just $49.95, NTUC Fairprice’s roasted turkey comes bundled with chestnut stuffing and cranberry sauce (yum)! Apart from roasted turkey, they also offer roast beef, gammon ham and leg of lamb, each affordably priced under $70.

Just keep in mind that if you would like to qualify for free delivery, you would need to spend a minimum of $59 and you would need to make the order at least 6 days in advance. 

Price: $49.95 (approximately 3.5kg to 4.5kg before roasting)

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By Zann Huang
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