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Chinese magnate gives 100-mn-pound dowry for girl's wedding

Indo Asian News Service
$150 Million Dowry for Chinese Businessman’s Daughter

London, Jan 2 (IANS) A Chinese magnate, boss of a ceramics firm, gave his daughter an astounding 100-million-pound dowry for her wedding that included four boxes of gold jewellery, two luxury cars and several homes, a British daily said.

The dowry included a bankbook with deposits worth two million pounds (around 20 million yuan) and an impressive property portfolio, the Daily Mail reported.

Pictures of the dowry were posted online at the end of an "eight-day banquet" that took place in Jinjiang county in east China's Fujian province.

Wu Duanbiao, chairman of ceramics firm Fujian Wanli Group, bequeathed the newlyweds 500 million shares in his ceramics firm, worth more than 10 million pounds (around 100 million yuan) as well as a Porsche and a Mercedes car.

Wu, 54, also gave donations worth 1.5 million pounds (around 15 million yuan) to two charities.

The full extent of his wealth is not known. Company records show he only drew a salary of 12,000 pounds last year.

The bridegroom, a civil servant, had known his new wife since they were classmates in kindergarten.

A spokesman for Wu's firm confirmed the endowment but denied the wedding was the eight-day open-air banquet described in the internet post.