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Carphone Warehouse Black Friday deals: the best predictions for the 2019 sale

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On the hunt for the best Black Friday phone deals? Look no further, Carphone Warehouse always pulls out the big guns

For a company which started in a London flat at a time when the majority of mobile phones were too large to definitively be called ‘car phones’, Carphone Warehouse has become quite the success story. 

The ‘warehouse’ is Great Britain’s go-to for all things smartphone and its Black Friday deals are among the best on the market,particularly for shoppers interested in hooking up to its virtual mobile network, iD.

One of the many advantages of shopping at Carphone Warehouse is the sheer selection of smartphones on offer: it sells the widest range of handsets in the UK (across Vodafone, EE, Three, O2 and more). The retail giant also offers pay monthly, SIM only and SIM-free deals pretty regularly.

While Carphone Warehouse has a tendency to keep its biggest deals close to its chest, we expect there will be a Black Friday deal for everyone come November 29.

Some of last year’s deals were actually on offer for more than two weeks, which may serve as an example of things to come. It even honoured its ‘Price Promise’, matching any Black Friday deal sold by a competitor, on pay-monthly contracts.

Carphone Warehouse predictions for 2019

Popular phones like the new Apple iPhone 11 and Samsung S10 are likely to be promoted among some of their main deals, but you’re more likely to find big savings on phones that are a little older.

We expect to see to reduced monthly contract costs with smaller upfront fees across the board, with most Android phones (like Huawei P30 and Google Pixel 3) offered without big upfront sums.

We would expect most older iPhones, like the XR, to dip below £600 but not much more - iPhones still carry a lot of clout, whether they’re the latest gen or not. With £50 already reduced from the Apple iPhone Xs Max sim-free, we expect it could be sold for around £950 come Black Friday.

Nonetheless, older Android phones and iPhones - like the SE - are a safer bet for big savings.

If you're open to phones both new and exciting, we suggest keeping an eye out for deals on the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G - both are new to Carphone Warehouse and contracted with just £9.99 upfront. If either device's monthly deal dips below £40, snap it up.

Those looking to buy a spare or child-friendly phone should keep an eye out for phone deals under £100. In the past, Carphone Warehouse has offered ‘free’ phones as part of its pay-as-you-go deals on Black Friday (i.e buy a top-up, get a smartphone). Often, they’re Alcatel phones; an undeniably brilliant deal for a £10 top up.

If we were to put money on the best Black Friday deal, however, we would place our bets on the Google Pixel 3A or Huawei P30 Pro. The smartphones are in two different categories, respective of price and tech power, but the 3A is a brilliant, affordable option and the P30 Pro is a good investment. We expect at least £10 reduced from its monthly contract fees.

O2 and Vodafone love promoting online-only deals through Carphone Warehouse, as well. It may be worth getting familiar with both networks’ deals if you’re due for a contract renewal or upgrade.

Read our guide on the best mobile phones deals in the 2019 sales. and e2save

It is worth noting that the and e2save websites are part of the Carphone Warehouse family and may offer better deals than their flagship. 

Based on their business models, we expect will offer major discounts on a select few flagship phones while e2save is likely to promote better offers on last-gen and budget phones.

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