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Cambodia's Puddding Helps Women Crowd-Source the Perfect Pair of Jeans

krish raghav

The battle between "thigh and denim" ends today, apparently. Founder Janice Wilson's new startup Puddding helps women find the perfect fitting pair of Jeans through what she calls "chick-sourcing." The e-commerce model has failed women, Janice says - even after hours of deliberation on online sites, a perfect fitting pair of jeans is only found 23% of the time. Puddding on the other hand, starts not with inventory but with a profile. You put in, on the site, details of your shape, proportions, and pain points when shopping for jeans. Once that's in, the site matches you with other women who share the same points and same shapes. She calls this 'relevant discovery'. Then, you have acess to their photos and reviews and opportunities for sharing and exchange, an aspect she calls 'Sizing Insurance' and 'Social Validation.' All of that equals, she says, "Shopping Nirvana." Jeans are a $75 billion global market. Puddding's target is women between 18-44 in the US and Singapore. Their revenue comes from affiliate marketing, second-hand sales, and helping niche brands organize pre-orders amongst a captive, specific audience. Judge Nobuaki Kitagawa asked about how the site's algorithm was generated. Janice outlined the process they went through with alpha testers to incorporate the site's most important characteristics and profile features. Their sourcing algorithm combines "intelligent matching", "specialized sizing" and "customized browsing", and undergoes continuous refinement. Judge Yasuhiko Yurimoto asked about the business' key success factor in expanding. Janice says 'traction', and listed some of their strategies: social media presence via 'chicksourcing' campaigns, physical meetups and 'chicksourcing' parties.


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