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BitcoinTalk Lost A Third Of Its Users In February

Wes Messamore
When the price of Bitcoin showed no sign of another stellar rise, interest quickly waned. Image from Shutterstock.

The BitcoinTalk forum lost a third of its referrals from the bitcoin community in February, according to available traffic data from website analytics firm SimilarWeb.

The old message forum was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. The very first bitcoin transaction was negotiated on the BitcoinTalk forum– 10,000 BTC for some pizza.

But February referrals from several cryptocurrency websites and a couple major platforms (like Twitter and Github) declined markedly for BitcoinTalk in February. Their numbers are down by nearly a third in one month.

Google Trends Search Interest in Bitcoin Declines

Google Trends shows search interest in “bitcoin” has massively declined.

The decline in outbound referral links to Bitcointalk in February tracks perfectly with a decline in Google Trends. Over the same time period, general interest in Bitcoin has also dropped.

As of Dec 1, 2018 “Bitcoin” search query volume on Google was down 26% since March 18, 2018. It slid all the way to 67% down since March 18, 2018 by February 2, 2019.

Google doesn’t tell us the exact search volume on Google Trends.

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