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Bitcoin Unlimited Chief: Ignore Craig Wright and He’ll Fade into Obscurity

P. H. Madore
Bitcoin Unlimited Chief Scientist Peter Rizun has a strategy for dealing with Craig Wright. Ignore him, and he'll

By CCN: Bitcoin Unlimited’s Chief Scientist Peter Rizun finally made it onto the What Bitcoin Did podcast, after initially having his interview canceled amid pressure from Bitcoin Maximalists who don’t want to hear his opinions on Lightning Network.

Bitcoin Unlimited Dev: Ignore Craig Wright and He’ll Go Away

Rizun discussed a range of issues, primarily Lightning. He also spoke to the problem of Craig Wright, who is currently suing podcast host Peter McCormack. Rizun says the best way to deal with Craig Wright is to ignore him and he’ll go away. Continuing to discuss Wright’s exploits by publishing articles such as this one, he said, only feeds into the self-declared Satoshi Nakamoto’s egotistical agenda.

“I think what we’re seeing right now is the death thralls from a person who is about to fade into obscurity. I think he wants people to pay attention and that’s why he’s doing these lawsuits. But I think the best strategy is just to ignore him and he’ll eventually go away.”

Rizun further spoke of the fundamental differences between Bitcoin Cash and what he calls Bitcoin Core. He explained his view of the fork, and pointed out that it doesn’t matter how the fork happens – a hard fork is a hard fork, and when it happens, it’s a new reality. That both chains have sustained enough hashpower to keep operating, with Bitcoin Core retaining the majority of the hash that was originally on the network, is evidence enough that both chains should exist.

McCormack said during the interview that he believes Bitcoin Cash should have gone with a different name, but that he views its existence as “useful.”

Problems With Lightning Network from Rizun’s Point of View

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