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Best organisations to work for in Singapore

Clare Holing

People spend on average 45-60 hours per week at work. In Singapore, it was reported that millennials spend 48 hours per week at work on average and this number puts Singapore close to the top for longest work week in the world  

But this does not necessarily translate to unhappy employees all the time. Some employees are happy to put in the long hours if they love their jobs.

So, what can organisations do to keep their employees happy? Well, strong interpersonal skills within an organisation is just one factor that will keep your employees with you for the long-term. This means developing trust, paving a path for career progression and bonding.

Here are some of the best organisations to work for in Singapore:


1. Lee Wenyong & Co.

Source: Lee Wenyong & Co

Source: Lee Wenyong & Co

Enter the new generation of employees – the Gen-Ys, the millennials, the segment of working adults who find long, fixed-hours counterproductive and tend to prefer working remotely.

Lee Wenyong & Co. is a human resource services provider which understands the need to stay relevant to its employees and offers flexible working hours as well as allowing its employees to work form home.

According to Lee, the owner of the company, he believes high performers want to be trusted. “I don’t have to see them to know that they are working. If I don’t get complaints from our clients, that means everything is okay,” he says.

Employees enjoy 6-hour workdays and don’t have to deal with rush-hour woes or worry about sending their children to daycare before coming to work.

“If my staff can’t take care of their family and themselves, they won’t be able take care of the business for me,” Lee adds.

In addition, monthly employee get-togethers are held to prevent burn-out.


2. Singapore Airlines

Source: Singapore Airlines

Source: Singapore Airlines

SIA is one of the world’s best airlines and believes in helping all its employees achieve their full potential. Singapore airlines remains in the Hall of Fame and has won the Randstad Award for three consecutive years.

They offer extensive learning and development opportunities to everyone in their ranks. Of course, it is also great to work for an airline because of the extensive travel benefits you get as an employee!

Reviews on Glassdoor reveal that while management can still be quite traditional, there is a good work-life balance overall and personal development is one of their key strengths. And according to those who have retired from the company, if you have worked for the company for a long time, certain benefits continue even beyond retirement!


3. Changi Airport Group

Source: Changi Airport Group

Source: Changi Airport Group

Changi Airport Group was the grand winner of the Randstad Award 2016. This airport services company offers world-class service through their passion and culture of excellence. They are all about giving great service and their vision is “Exceptional people, connecting lives”. Changi prides themselves in delivering quality service and they define this as Personalised, Stress-Free and Positively Surprising.

If you are passionate about people and giving the best service possible, you should join the Changi family – they offer scholarships and internships too. And who wouldn’t want to work for one of the world’s best airports anyway?


4. OCBC Bank

Source: OCBC Bank

Source: OCBC Bank

The Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited, more commonly known by its acronym OCBC, is a bank with a head office in Singapore. This company is listed and won the most attractive employer Randstad award this year in the Financial services and Banking industry.

This group offers scholarships in certain areas as well as many initiatives in environment and community projects. One of the better benefits to working here is the flexible benefits plan they offer in three different areas: Financial, Social and Health. Depending on each individual employee’s interests they may choose the benefits suited to them.

At OCBC they believe in people and that everyone shall succeed, promising to help their people get there. Opportunities are available here.



Source: CapitaLand Mall Asia

Source: CapitaLand Mall Asia

Capitaland is one of Asia’s largest retail estate companies with its head office in Singapore, winning the most attractive employer Randstad award this year in the Retail industry. Their two main markets are China and Singapore and they have a global portfolio including integrated developments, shopping malls, serviced residences, offices and homes.

Capitaland offers more than a job, they offer a very rewarding and challenging environment where employees get to develop their personal and professional capabilities. They strive to build people and communities and offer many opportunities.

One of the most important decisions you will make is the organisation you will work for. Even though it may seem like your job is in the employer’s hands, remember that you are offering them your expertise, time and energy and they need you as much as you need them. It is important to feel comfortable in the place you work at – there is always a good fit for you. Choose something that you are passionate about and that you love.

(By Clare Holing)

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