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The Best High-Paying Part-Time Jobs in Singapore That Outdo Full-Time Jobs

To work hard does not necessarily mean to work full time. In addition to working, you also need to fulfill other life callings like relaxing, having fun with family, among others. The fear that grips many individuals when they want to leave a full-time job for a part-time one is income. There is a mentality ingrained in our minds that part-time jobs are poor-paying.

Nevertheless, some Singaporeans live decently on part-time jobs. Such individuals don’t need full-time jobs. Many people think that part-time jobs are merely for supplementing income. Others view them as a refuge for survival when there are no full-time jobs. However, part-time jobs can be the sole and reliable source of income.

Here are some of the best part-time jobs that pay better than most full-time jobs.

1. Fitness trainer

A fitness trainer job is a part-time commitment that can help you gather a substantial amount of money. Personal fitness trainers can request for about $50 -$70 per hour. If you happen to train five people in three sessions per day. You will take home a whopping $750 per day. The more you offer, the potential you have to earn.

You can become a good fit for this part-time job if you are professionally in the health and fitness industry. You earn your income by telling people how to keep fit and to motivate them. You lead people to exercise and other activities. To begin, offer personal training to friends and acquaintances. Such people will help to market your service through word of mouth.

You should also link with gym owners who can give referrals for those who want to have personalized exercises. If you get established in this job, you won’t need a full-time job, as it can pay much higher than most full-time jobs.

2. Swimming coach

Providing swimming lessons is a profitable part-time endeavor. A coach can earn up to $20 per hour per customer. Students and grown-ups alike require swimming skills. The more the customers you get, the more you earn. For instance, a group of five people in every session can give you a total of $400 for four sessions in one day.

One significant advantage of this part-time job is that you don’t necessarily need formal qualifications to coach privately. You won’t require certificates to train at a swimming pool in a condominium or a country club. You only need adequate swimming experience.

However, life saving and swimming theory certificates are necessary to teach at a public swimming pool. This is required by the Singapore sports council. You can also work with a private swimming company if you don’t have a swimming pool. Such a company will pay you a minimum standard rate of $20 per hour.

Swimming companies are particularly beneficial if you don’t have training skills as they provide free training programs.

3. Website developer

If you were trained and also have experience in coding, you can consider becoming a website developer. For an average project, you can charge at least $50 per hour. This rate can increase with complex projects and a project that takes about a month can earn you around $5,000.

Nevertheless, you can’t charge high rates overnight. You need to demonstrate your expertise by showing high-quality websites you have developed in the past. A good track record will win you new referral customers very first. Many clients looking for a web developer will need to see a diploma or degree in information technology.

4. Tour guide

If you are a lover of tours and travel, working as a tour guide can be amazing. Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, and there is a lot to show off to tourists. To start working as a tour guide, you need to obtain formal qualifications and a General Tourist Guide Licence. As a beginner, you can earn about $60 per hour. With a top-rated status, you can charge $150 per hour.

5. Freelance writer

If you are outstanding in the art of writing, freelance writing is an excellent part-time job. Many content-based websites need talented writers. Unlike other jobs, to start freelance writing, you don’t need any experience or qualification. It is a job suitable for stay-at-home moms, bloggers, and anyone with basic education.

It is quite a profitable endeavor that can get you earning a full-time income. You start by earning low as a beginner. There are sites that allow you to quote your rate and build your credibility. For instance, you could charge $10 per hour, and after mastering the writing art, you can increase your rate up to $100 per hour.

There are websites where payment terms are project-based. The clients who offer work pay according to the number of words written. For one thousand words, payment can range from $20 to $200. It mostly depends on the client you are serving.

6. Tutor

Working as a tutor in a highly competitive education system like Singapore can make you a good income. What you charge depends on your qualification and the person receiving the service. If you are a degree holder and you want to give lessons to a JC student, you can charge $70-$100 per hour. For secondary and primary students, you can earn $40-$60.

When you are a MOE trained teacher, your rates go higher by 20%-30% of the above rates. To work as a tutor, you must be versed with the curriculum requirements and the ability to handle students. It can be quite a fulfilling part-time job as it shapes the future of young Singaporeans.

The above part-time jobs are the best among the many available in Singapore. If any suit you, you only need to decide what you require to start. If you have a passion for any part-time job but lack the skills, you can enroll for training. It is never too late. By engaging in these part-time jobs, you will have more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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(By Racheal Muriithi)

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