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Here’s How to Get an AWS Certification In Singapore

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How to Get an AWS Certification (and How Much It Costs)
How to Get an AWS Certification (and How Much It Costs)

If you’re an IT professional looking to take your skills to the next level or stay on the cutting edge of your industry, getting an AWS Certification can help you achieve just that.

But first things first: What is an AWS Certification exactly?

AWS Certification 101

Firstly, AWS means Amazon Web Services, which is a public cloud provider. It offers one to a series of exams for IT professionals which, in turn, awards them an AWS Certification. This certification allows IT pros to showcase and validate their technical cloud knowledge and skills. Moreover, with the continuous reliance of businesses on “cloud computing,” being AWS-certified gives you competitive advantage over those without the certification.

Cloud computing is the delivery of different services—including servers, storage, databases, software, analytics, and more—over the internet. Because it allows businesses to store their data to the “cloud,” companies run faster and more efficiently while also saving costs. With the cloud, businesses and their employees are able to access important information from just about anywhere.

That said, the Amazon Web Services or AWS is one of the most popular service providers globally, including in Singapore. By getting AWS-certified, you’re earning an industry-trusted credential that will definitely increase your chances of landing your dream job or moving up the ranks faster.

Here, we’ve outlined three steps to obtaining your AWS Certification

1. Choose the certification best suited for you.

AWS offers 12 different certification exams categorised by level and role: one foundational certification, three associate-level certifications, two professional-level certifications, and six specialty certifications.

Specifically, the foundational certification is for those with six months of fundamental AWS Cloud knowledge. On the other hand, the associate certifications are for those with one year of experience. Lastly, the professional certifications are for those with two or more years of experience.

Here are the certifications available:

2. Prepare for your exam.

Once you’ve chosen the specific certification exam you wish to take, the next step is to start preparing for it. The AWS website offers free exam guides, sample questions, and other exam preparation resources, including digital and instructor-led training. Moreover, there are practice examinations available to test your knowledge online in a timed environment. Alternatively, you can also enrol in review and training programs offered by different providers.

In Singapore, among those that offer AWS Certification courses and trainings are Simplilearn (starts at USD $749), Comat (starts at USD $909.50), and The Knowledge Academy (complete AWS Certification package starts at SGD 4,395).

It’s best to give yourself two to three months to prepare. Ideally, you should invest in one to two hours of study per day, especially if you have a full-time job and other commitments.

3. Schedule your exam.

When you’re ready, you can schedule your test by registering via the AWS website. AWS currently offers exams through two test delivery providers, Pearson VUE and PSI. All exams are taken in a proctored, timed environment. However, you have the option to choose online proctoring, which means you take the exam at your own private space (i.e. at home) while a proctor monitors you online. You may also take the exam at a testing center.

Here are the exam prices in USD:

Exam Type

Price in USD

Foundational (Cloud Practitioner)








Foundational (practice)


Associate (practice)


Professional (practice)


Specialty (practice)


Source: AWS

Upon completion of your exam, you will instantly receive a pass or fail notification on the testing screen. In case you fail, you may take the exam again after 14 days. However, full payment is required. The good news? There is no limit on exam attempts until the test taker has passed.

The AWS Certification is valid for two years, and you can get re-certified after it expires. For more information, visit the AWS Certification website here.

Clearly, cloud technology is the future, especially now when most businesses have fully shifted to digital and remote operations in light of the pandemic. By adding an AWS Certification to your resume, you’re arming yourself with a very relevant tool that not only will help propel you to the top; it’s also proof of your commitment to your profession.

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