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Avenova from NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Effective for Painful Eye Condition

Studies Show that Parasitic Mites on the Eyes Contribute to Eyelid Inflammation, Including Ocular Rosacea; Two Top Eye Doctors Explain that Avenova Lid & Lash Hygiene can Help Ameliorate the Health of the Eyelids in Patients with this Common form of Blepharitis

MINNEAPOLIS, MN / ACCESSWIRE / March 28, 2017 / Dr. Richard L. Lindstrom, founder and attending surgeon of Minnesota Eye Consultants, and Dr. Ahmad Fahmy, immediate past director of Optometric Services at Minnesota Eye Consultants, today are making a public service announcement about the problem of eyelid inflammation and how this common eye condition can be managed with Avenova Lid & Lash Hygiene from NovaBay Pharmaceuticals (NYSE MKT: NBY).

Millions of Americans - up to 6% of the population - suffer from ocular rosacea, an inflammation that causes redness, burning, and itching of the eyes, explains Dr. Lindstrom and Dr. Fahmy. A clinical study has identified one important contributor: parasites called Demodex mites that infest the skin around the eyes and the eyelids and that carry bacteria like Bacillus oleronius. "This pivotal study showed that the bacterium carried by the mites stimulates an immune response that can often be uncomfortable," says Dr. Fahmy. "The study also showed that patients may suffer from inflammatory reactions to the release of a large load of Bacillus antigens after the death of the mites."

The authors of the study noted that, because this eye condition is exacerbated by mites and their associated bacteria, it is effectively treated by decreasing the mite count and the microbial symbiote.

Avenova is the only eye hygiene product to contain Neutrox, a pure 0.01% solution of hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is a substance naturally made by our own immune system as a first defense against invaders. Lab tests have shown that Neutrox kills bacteria and neutralizes the toxins bacteria produce, making it a key component in a comprehensive treatment for Demodex blepharitis.

"We've had excellent results with our own patients," says Dr. Lindstrom. "Wiping eyes twice daily with Avenova sprayed on a cotton pad can bring quick relief from ocular rosacea, as well as other conditions like blepharitis and dry eye."


Dr. Ahmad Fahmy, OD, FAAO, Minnesota Eye Consultants, P.A.;; 612-813-3600
Dr. Richard L. Lindstrom, M.D., Minnesota Eye Consultants, P.A.;; 952-888-5800

SOURCE: NovaBay Pharmaceuticals