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AngelHack Comes to Asia, Sees Potential in Singapore and South Korea, Offers Readers Free Tickets

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The AngelHack competition prides itself as the biggest hackathon in the world and will kick off this weekend in Los Angeles. And for friends in Asia, this might be your chance if you are looking to Silicon Valley for expansion, as AngelHack will be travelling to your cities, too. AngelHack will be organizing over 100 hackathons and aims to aggregate over 15,000 developers in more than 50 cities. This is its first step into Asia, which the team had originally planned for the last quarter of the year. But thanks to the kind sponsorship from Amazon Web Services, the plan has been accelerated and hence the launch this upcoming April. So web developers and entrepreneurs in APAC region such as Melbourne, Sydney, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, and Chennai can now have their chance to eventually become part of the inaugural AngelHack accelerator program. Founder Greg Gopman also tells us that they would normally pick two winners from cities that have large pools of talent, such as Toronto, London, New York, and Tel Aviv. For countries in Asia, Greg sees potential in cities such as Seoul and Singapore. Of course, this is subject to a case-by-base basis once the judging has taken place. Once the winners in each city are chosen, they will be part of the AngelHack accelerator program where they will be mentored over a period of 12 weeks before stepping into Silicon Valley to raise funds and be introduced to incubators. Winners of the previous AngelHack competition have also successfully received mentorship under Y-Combinator, AngelPad, TechStars, and 500 Startups. And to thank you for being our loyal Tech in Asia reader, AngelHack is giving away 20 free tickets in every city that AngelHack will be going to. All you need to do, is to find your city here, enter the EventBrite page, and key in the code TechinAsia . On his plans for Asia Pacific region, Greg adds:

[...] I'm sure we have $100,000 in seed funding to award to our Asia-Pacific teams! This investment will be divided between 5 of our 10 winning teams in the region.

If you wish to find out more, please visit the website here, or email Greg at
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