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Aimed at Southeast Asia, New ‘Undead Slayer’ Game is Worth A Go

Willis Wee

Nerds who have nothing to do on a Friday night could take a look at NHN Singapore’s latest iOS and Android game, Undead Slayer. Diablo 3 comes to mind as a similar slash and kill game. But if you’re not into Diablo 3 (yes, somehow Blizzard screwed up the gameplay) and would prefer a mobile game, give Undead Slayer a try.

The 3D-ish graphics are awesome and the gameplay is simple. There’s no need for a virtual joystick - just tap and kill with your fingers. NHN Singapore made a big effort to make the kill effect great in this new game. In other words, it makes killing fun with less gore. There's still some, but I think it’s acceptable for kids.

The story is a weird mix. From the game’s title, many would assume that it’s a zombie-killing type of game. It’s not. Rather it’s inspired by the ancient Chinese Three Kingdoms stories, featuring Xia Hou Dun. I’m pretty confident in my schoolboy knowledge of the Three Kingdoms, and I’m sure that Xia Hou Dun isn’t really one of the main characters within the story. So the choice of hero feels a little awkward to me, but many won’t notice.

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Undead Slayer is free to download and monetizes via in-app purchases. You will have to buy jade (with real cash) in order to get premium weapons. The game is also smart, as it allows users to see how a new weapon would look on the character before they make the purchase. 10 jade pieces cost $0.99 and will only allow you to buy crappy items. The coolest weapons cost in the range of 200 to 300 bits of jade.

NHN Singapore seems to have angled this as a game built for Southeast Asia. It’s too early to say if it would work for that target audience, but the game’s effects and graphics are pretty impressive so far and certainly worth a download.

Undead Slayer is actually developed by game studio Hidea, a one-man development company run by Dong-kyu Kim in South Korea. NHN Corporation has the publishing rights to it. NHN, on the other hand, is the company behind NAVER, the popular search engine in Korea, and makers of Line, top popular mobile chat app that recently hit the 100 million users milestone.

You can download it free on iTunes or Google Play.

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