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The Accent Coach Shares Her Tips On How to Lose an Accent

The Accent Coach
·2-min read

Claudette Roche, the Accent Coach, has worked with countless individuals to reduce their accents

VERO BEACH, Fla., April 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Claudette Roche, the Accent Coach, has worked with countless individuals to reduce their accents. With years of experience, she understands the intricate details involved in speech and how to change it. Roche says, “I enjoy this job so much. I feel so much reward from helping people change or improve their lives.”

So, how does Claudette start any session with a client? What does her process entail? The Accent Coach elaborates, “Usually, the first session we are just figuring out where they are currently at, such as how they are moving their mouth, lips, tongue, and so on as they talk. I often get new clients to read a phrase or more so I can truly understand what we need and want to work on.” She continues, “Many individuals whose first language isn’t English find the ‘th’ sound in the or thought to be really tricky to grasp. So, if someone is struggling with this, we will often start there since it will take a bit more work and time.”

The Accent Coach frequently works with clients who are striving to make a more American-sounding accent. In the USA, in any given year, there might be over a million new immigrants. A lot of these individuals are seeking out English-speaking jobs. Roche explains, “Many of these individuals are very smart. That’s exactly how they managed to immigrate to the U.S. - right? It’s not an easy process. But then when they maybe begin job hunting or looking for a promotion, they realize that their accent is getting in the way of what they want. And it’s so difficult when people don’t understand you. It can really kill a person’s confidence. At the same time, I’ve worked with a ton of smart individuals who have overcome this - not only that, but excelled.”

Claudette Roche further had recommendations for those wanting to practice in their own time. She says, “There are so many resources out there for those that possibly can’t currently allocate a budget toward a coach. YouTube is a wonderful place to start. I also always recommend recording yourself and comparing to someone else and seeing where you can improve.”

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