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Show Avenue App Uses LBS To Find Events in Singapore (You Can Delete SG Events App Now!)


Show Avenue uses location-based services (LBS) to help users find events in Singapore. Event listings are just a couple of swipes away and they’re relevant to your location. Plus, it allows pictures in event listings (pictured above), which is certainly more pleasing to the eyes. Now, that makes more sense than the lousy SG Events app.

Th Show Avenue app is built with both event hunters and event organizers in mind. It allows event organizers to input their own events without having to login. While it’s easy, I wonder how the Show Avenue Folks can validate whether the event is real or fake.

Although it’s easy to view all event listings, the only relevant filter is location and type of event — like parties, roadshows, and concerts. There’s no way to see events based on content genre, say tech or finance. That part is kinda a pain but I believe the team will solve the problem soon.

Show Avenue is self-funded by three of its co-founders. Louis Wah, one of the co-founders at Show Avenue, told me that it has had about 3,000 downloads in the two weeks since it first launched.

Talking about event apps in Singapore, you know, apps that help you search for events around our sunny little island, most folks will recall SG Events (iTunes link).

But seriously, besides its good choice of name, that app sucks. It basically lists all the popular event venues in Singapore — like Expo, Suntec etc — and expects users to tap onto each venue location to look for events.

The UI is okay but events are listed in text only. So mega hot girl parties like “Zouk Out” will not be captured since it is held at Siloso Beach. To me, it’s clear that the app developer isn’t at all interested in making the app useful.

Anyway, you get my point. Delete SG Events now and replace it with Show Avenue (iTunes link).