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6 sustainable ways to decorate your home this Christmas

6 sustainable ways to decorate your home this Christmas


[This article is brought to you by Geneco.]

With the current awareness and push towards living a more sustainable and waste-less lifestyle. One must wonder, other than metal straws and using less disposables, what else can I do?

And with the holiday season coming up, you’re already thinking of the amount of wrapping paper you need to buy to wrap the bounty Christmas gifts for your friends and family. Surely, there is something you can do to make this Christmas more sustainable, and kinder to Mother Earth.

Believe it or not, incorporating sustainable habits into your lifestyle truly isn’t that hard. Here are five sustainable ways to decorate your home this Christmas!

  1. Put up an unconventional Christmas tree

We all know that a Christmas tree is very much essential during this season of giving, where else would you put all the presents lie? This Christmas, instead of spending money to buy a real tree (or the fake plastic version), try fashioning a tree out of cloth scraps!

To do so, simply sew the scraps of cloth together to form a Christmas tree-like shape and attach it onto a wall. Not only will you be saving money from buying a tree, you will also get to have a tree that’s uniquely yours.

  1. Switch to LED Christmas lighting

Compared to other forms of lighting, LED lights are not only more efficient, they also reduce your electricity consumption! You can upcycle used plastic bottles to make a pretty table lamp by putting a string of LED lights into the bottle.

Tip: You can also cut up coloured plastic bottles into different pieces and attach them to the lights, adding colour to your Christmas lights!

  1. Make sustainable energy plans

Another way to guarantee a sustainable Christmas is signing up for an electricity plan that taps from sustainable sources, just like Geneco’s Get Sunny plan, which uses 100% clean Solar Energy!

Not only is it smart and eco-friendly to take advantage of clean energy that is readily available, you might just save on your electricity bills every month with Geneco’s competitive pricing.

Find out more about the Geneco Get Sunny plan here.

  1. Use dried fruit as ornaments

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, why waste money on ornaments that you’ll only use once a year? Saving money aside, you’ll also lower your carbon footprint by not purchasing metal or plastic ornaments.

Here’s an attractive, easy and inexpensive alternative straight from nature: ornaments made from dried fruit slices. Slice up the fruit of your choice, dehydrate the slices in your oven on low heat. Next, cover the dried fruit slices with clear varnish or decoupage, poke holes for strings and voilà, unique and fun ornaments that’ll make your tree a talking point!

  1. Make recycled paper garlands

Instead of buying tinsel, you can recycle paper and fashion it into decorative garlands to hang around the house! Simply cut your recycled paper into shapes of your choice, sandwich a string between 2 shapes with glue and repeat till desired length of garland.

Not only are you upcycling materials that you already have lying around, you’ll again be saving money!

  1. Attend Geneco’s festive workshop

Want more ideas to decorate your home sustainably this holiday season? Here’s an enriching experience for both young and old: Head to Geneco’s Christmas event at Wisma Atria and participate in fun workshops while discovering how you can celebrate Christmas in a more sustainable way with the entire family!

To find out more about Geneco’s 100% clean solar energy “Get Sunny” plan, visit

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