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6 Most Secret Attractions You Never Knew Existed At Changi Airport

Denise Bay

This article was originally on at: 6 Most Secret Attractions You Never Knew Existed At Changi Airport

For those who haven’t heard, Singapore’s Changi Airport has recently been lauded World’s Best Airport for the fourth consecutive year. Aren’t we all proud of Changi Airport’s impressive performance for coming up tops amidst worthy competition?

Regardless whether you’re a frequent traveller or one who only visits Changi Airport a couple of times in a year, we at recommend you be all ears as we unveil this list of 6 most secret attractions in Changi Airport.

6 Most Secret Attractions You Never Knew Existed At Changi Airport

1. Changi Aviation Gallery

If you’re an aviation enthusiast, you’ll be very happy to know that the Changi Aviation Gallery located at Terminal 3 is open to the public, free of charge.

Here, in addition to having the opportunity to observe the sublime aircrafts and Changi’s ground operations on their tarmac, visitors to the gallery get to gain insights into Singapore’s illustrious aviation history, and how Changi Airport is operated efficiently and securely without compromising on safety.

2. Pay-Per-Use Lounges

These lounges are a godsend for those who want to relax in style before, after or in between flights. Even if you haven’t accumulated enough miles to access the myriad of airline lounges for free, you have the option of paying to use these amazing lounges.

Plus, they aren’t even that expensive considering the facilities made available to you in such cosy, relaxing environments.

These pay-per-use lounges are available in the transit areas of Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The only pay-per-use lounge located in the public area of Terminal 3 is known as The Haven, located at level 1.

Similar to the lounges in the respective transit areas, visitors to The Haven can freshen up, shower and nap! Moreover, visitors of The Haven get to enjoy a complimentary selection of drinks, snacks and even a light meal on top of access to a whole host of entertainment options and free Wi-Fi.

Did you know that some credit cards come with free lounge access when you use them to book your tickets? Here you can see the best credit cards for prestige travellers and the best credit cards for business travellers.

3. Enchanted Garden

Nestled in Terminal 2’s Departure Transit Lounge sits the charming Enchanted Garden that “magically” comes to life with both sounds and sights of nature as you meander through it thanks to the imbued motion sensors.

This decorative but interactive garden’s centrepiece features four gargantuan glass bouquet sculptures adorned with an elaborate ensemble of glistening, reflective stained-glass. Flower lovers, rejoice! You’ll get to feast your eyes on a huge selection of freshly cut flowers and soft ferns sitting within these glass bouquet sculptures.

4. Movie Theatres

If you’ve ever dreamt of catching the latest blockbusters at zero charge, you get your chance to save money on movies at Changi Airport’s 24-hour movie theatres located in both Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. This is a great option for movie buffs who have time to spare at the airport.

Not to worry if you’re a fan of romantic comedies instead of action-packed movies because there’ll be different genres available at both movie theatres.

If you happen to be at the transit lounge in Terminal 2, do check out the Entertainment Deck. This one-stop entertainment centre will satisfy anyone looking to have fun getting their adrenaline rush with Xbox Kinect, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

5. Swimming Pool

Did you know that you can even take a dip while watching planes take off from the runway in a gorgeous Balinese-themed rooftop swimming pool at Changi Airport? Utilizing this relaxing pool comes free for those staying at the Ambassador Transit Hotel, otherwise, a small fee of $13.91 applies.

This is an amazing price considering the fact that you get to use the swimming pool, jacuzzi, shower facilities alongside a towel and complimentary non-alcoholic drink thrown in. Keen to chill here already? The swimming pool is located at Terminal 1’s Transit Lounge, near D Gates.

6. Butterfly Garden

Did you know that you can get up close and personal with over 1,000 charming tropical butterflies in a lush habitat brimming with flowering plants, greenery and a 6m grotto-waterfall right within Changi Airport?

Nestled at level 2 and 3 of the Departure Transit Lounge at Terminal 3, Changi Airport's Butterfly Garden is a great place for your little ones and you to explore and learn about butterflies. There are educational corners and individual enclosures that allow visitors to observe the feeding and breeding of these little creatures up close.

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