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5 unique experiences that you’d never expect to have in Singapore

Gwyneth Yeo

Living in Singapore has a comfortable routine to it. We have fancy shopping malls for getting groceries and our regular shopping fix, public parks to cycle, run and exercise at, movies and shows to watch, and the occasional trip to the museum to check out a new exhibition at.

But, what if you really wanted to do something different?

Here are some exciting, fun and unique experiences you’d never expect to experience in Singapore.


1. Get some real face-to-face gaming fun

Move aside MMORPG, because there is something far better. Head over to MC Werewolves Café and play China’s most popular Werewolves card game. Participants get to be a Werewolf, a Hunter, a Villager or even a Witch.

This game is a battle of wits, to reveal and kill the werewolves before they kill all the villagers. Ever played the winking murderer game? This is like that, but even more sophisticated and fun! Bring along your entire tribe, or grab a couple of friends and make new ones as you play. Then enjoy some of the signature character cocktails at the bar.

Also, did we mention how cool the werewolf masks are?


MC Werewolves Café

38 Pagoda St, Singapore 059197


Unlimited Game play rates 

Full Day Rate (11 am to 1 am)

Weekdays (Mon – Thu): $18

Weekends (Fri – Sun, PH Eve & PH): $25

Half Day Rate (7 pm to 1 am)

Weekdays (Mon – Thu): $15.00

Weekends (Fri – Sun, PH Eve & PH): $20.00



2. Take a kayaking tour of Singapore

You’re probably familiar with how Singapore looks from land, but have you ever seen it from the river? Here’s a unique opportunity to see Singapore from a kayak.

Kayak Asia offers a number of different kayak discovery tours around Singapore (and in many other countries as well actually). You could choose from a 4hr trail at Mandai River, a 5hr trail at Sungei Khatib Bongsu, the 2D1N Seven Islands trail, to the 3day Northern islands trail.

Whatever floats your boat.


Kayakasia SG

59C Temple Street

Singapore 058604



3. Dine on a Kelong


Are there still kelongs in Singapore? Yes. And you can dine on one of them, after chartering a bumboat to its location.

Smith Marine is a floating kelong restaurant just off Changi and Pulau Ubin, offering an authentic kelong experience, along with the freshest seafood. Considering just how close you are to the sea, that is exactly how fresh you expect the catch to be.

You can even try catching your own dinner at a designated pond, and choose to have it cooked on the spot for a fee, or packed for home.


Smith Marine

GPS Coordinates: 01’23’52″N – 103’57’42″E


4. Rock climb on a real quarry

Rock climbing on an artificial rock wall is so readily available now. So if you are an avid climber and want to challenge yourself even further, try rock climbing on a real natural rock wall.

Dairy Farm offers a natural quarry with bolted climbing facilities. It is maintained regularly and even has climbing routes mapped out.

Learn more about this unique experience from the Dairy Farm Climbing Facebook Group here.

5. Visit a dog café

Dog lover or cat lover? That does not even matter anymore because there is finally a dog café in town, to rival all the cat cafes. We are the Furballs (WTF) allows patrons 10 years old and above to pet and cuddle the dogs. They don’t serve food for humans, just drinks, possibly to avoid patrons feeding the dogs their meals. If you love dogs and can’t own any of your own, this place is a must visit.

Make a reservation at their Facebook page here.

(By Gwyneth Yeo)

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