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A 5-step Supply Chain Recovery Plan by Quantzig is Helping Businesses Tackle the Implications of COVID-19 | Learn More

Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems, brings to you a five-step analytics-driven supply chain recovery plan to mitigate the impact of a pandemic on the supply chain.

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What’s in it for you?

  • Understand the importance of supply chain planning from a business perspective
  • Determine key factors that are crucial to track and monitor supply chain processes
  • Gain in-depth insights on the actions that need to be taken to overcome supply chain shocks
  • Understand when supply chain issues will impact business outcomes

With supply chains growing bigger businesses are facing challenges in enhancing efficiency and outcomes. We’ve got the right solutions to help you address these issues. Talk to our analytics experts to learn more.

Even as the impact of the spread of COVID-19 continues to rise and impact livelihood, one cannot afford to ignore the economic impact of the crisis and its impact on the global supply chains. In such situations, businesses are expected to respond proactively on multiple fronts, while assuring operational viability and supply chain resilience. With leading organizations taking every possible measure to stay afloat, the question that needs to be answered is- How will supply chain leaders react to this situation and prepare for its long-term implications? Analyzing the current scenario, and its implication on global supply chains, supply chain analytics experts at Quantzig suggest that businesses must respond quickly and set up a supply chain recovery plan that focuses on taking quick actions across to improve supply chain efficiency.

Optimizing operations and supply chain management processes is not just the ‘need of the hour’ but crucial for you to drive profitable growth in the long-run. Request a FREE proposal to learn more about our supply chain analytics capabilities.

According to Quantzig’s supply chain analytics experts, "A supply chain recovery plan is crucial for businesses across sectors, especially for companies that produce, distribute, or source from suppliers in China and other COVID-19 hit countries."

5 Step Approach to Supply Chain Planning

Step 1: Optimize supply chain operations and enhance end-to-end visibility into the multi-tier supply network with the help of supply chain network optimization solutions.

Step 2: Identify alternative sources and estimate inventory stocks across the value chain including after-sales stocks and spare parts

Step 3: Assess realistic customer demands and respond to the decline in buying behavior of customers using advanced analytics to analyze customer data

Step 4: Analyze demand and optimize production and distribution capacity to ensure employee safety and overstocking

Step 5: Optimize working capital and boost bottom-line results by running stress tests to understand where supply chain issues will start to cause a financial impact.

Fortunately, new supply chain analytics solutions and technologies that have been proven to improve supply chain visibility and support a companies’ ability to resist such shocks have now emerged. Moreover, the transitions of traditional linear supply chain models into digital supply networks (DSNs), is helping businesses overcome functional silos and improve end-to-end visibility, collaboration, and supply chain efficiency.

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