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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Forklift Licence in Singapore

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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Forklift Licence in Singapore
5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Forklift Licence in Singapore

Like most essential workers, forklift operators are pretty much unsung heroes in a wide range of industries, from logistics, distribution, construction, manufacturing, and shipping.

If you’re thinking of becoming a forklift operator, it requires you to be skilled—and certified—on how to handle this particular machinery.

In Singapore, forklift operators have to undergo specific training to get licenced. Typical job roles that require a forklift licence include: forklift operator, material handling equipment operator, transport operator, warehouse assistant, inventory assistant, and more.

The Singaporean government requires forklift operators to fulfil a refresher course every three years. This is to ensure that employees are up to date with the latest safety practices.

Are you ready to become a forklift operator? Here is everything you need to know to get started.

5 Reasons a Forklift Licence Would Be Useful

  1. Getting an official certificate can be highlighted on your resume and improve your chances at landing a job.

  2. The thorough training courses will also enhance your transferable skills, such as problem-solving and decision-making, as you might be required to work under pressure.

  3. It will also boost your communication skills, particularly active listening and giving and receiving feedback as forklift operators will need to work closely with warehouse assistants.

  4. Training for a forklift licence will also build your teamwork skills, and could even enhance your potential leadership traits.

  5. Operating a forklift will require you to be precise, and as such, you will also develop your attention to detail. This will make you a better employee and lead to career growth.

How do I get a forklift licence in Singapore?

Singapore allows only selected institutions to grant forklift licences. PSA Institute, UBTS Training Center, and Wong Fong Academy are some of the more popular options, with the last being preferred for its more affordable prices. Aspiring forklift operators need to complete a full course to become certified.

There are two types of forklift training courses: the theoretical course, which will take 1 day, and the practical training, which requires you to have a Class 3 driving licence from the Land Transport Authority. Ideally, the entire process should take about four days.

What qualifications do you need to be a forklift driver?

  • Singaporean, permanent resident, or holder of a valid employment pass or work permit

  • 18 years old or above

  • Physically and mentally fit

  • If you are over 60, you must present a medical certificate proving your physical fitness

  • Attend all classes and days of training

  • Pass the theory test

  • Pass the practical test

  • Possessing an LTA Class 3 driving licence before application will expedite the process

Some training facilities may require ESS level 3 English proficiency and level 3 workplace numeracy. However, classes in Mandarin, Malay, and other languages are available for those who are not fluent in English

How much does it cost to get your forklift certification?

Prices vary depending on whether or not you already have a Class 3 driving licence. For those with a Class 3 driving licence, forklift certification can cost anywhere from $300 to $450. Meanwhile, those without a Class 3 driving licence will need to pay around $530 to $620.

The price of a forklift licence may seem expensive, but you don’t have to pay out of pocket. There are several funding programs available, such as Workfare Training Support, Skills Development Fund, SkillsFuture, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Skills Redevelopment Program, SkillsConnect, and SkillsFuture Credits.

5 affordable places where you can train for your forklift licence

All of these training centres offer full forklift training courses (theoretical and practical) for less than $600.

  1. PSA Institute

  2. AAT Training Hub

  3. Tat Hong Training Centre

  4. Wong Fong Academy

  5. UBTS Training Centre

Once you’ve obtained a forklift licence, don’t forget to update your profile on JobStreet so employers are aware of your new certified skill!

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