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5 Asian Startups That Caught Our Eye This Week

Willis Wee
startups weekly feature

In the last seven days, we have covered a couple of startups on Tech in Asia, specifically from Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.

For folks who are interested in investing or partnering with these startups, drop us an email — editors[at]techinasia[dot]com – anytime. No promises, but we’ll try our best to be a bridge.

And if you’re a tech startup based in Asia hoping to be featured, kindly send us your pitch here.

1. Accupass | Taiwan

Two VC firms have made their first foray into Taiwan today, with DCM and Qualcomm Ventures leading a major funding round for Accuvally, the startup behind the Taiwanese events and ticketing site The precise details of the financing have not been revealed yet, but…

2. First Meta | Singapore

Silicon Valley startup accelerator Plug and Play Tech Center has given growth capital to the Singapore-based virtual currency exchange service First Meta. Together with backing from Singapore’s NRF, the Plug and Play funding is worth SG$588,000 (US$468,000) to First Meta. Avid online gamers might know that First Meta was the first provider of ATMs and credit cards inside Second Life, that vast virtual world which was in the news for a few months before being largely forgotten about. Still, the Singaporean company is

3. Cacoo | Japan

Cacoo is an online collaborative web service that allows users to create diagrams, charts, and mind maps. To make its service even more social, the Japanese startup has added Google+ this week. Now, you can see your fellow colleague’s face while creating diagrams. How cool is that?!

4. Goocus | Japan

Japan-based startup, Castalia, has launched Goocus this week. It’s a social Wikipedia reader app for iOS and Android which helps users discover Wikipedia content in a social way. If you’re a frequent Wikipedia reader, this app could be an awesome add-on to your mobile. Goocus allows…

5. | Singapore

Singapore’s second most popular deal site (according to Experian Hitwise), has today announced its launch of, a site where users can order their food and get it delivered to their doorsteps. This service has actually been running under but the Singaporean deal site has now decided to put this home delivery service as a standalone website. So far, there are more than 50 merchants to…

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