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4 Most Remote Places In The World For The Truly Adventurous

Denise Bay

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Singapore is such a tiny country that even the most ulu places we can visit aren't that difficult to get to as long as we have a working GPS, our preferred mode of transportation and probably some money. Anyhow, for the lucky ones who get to travel around the world, why not consider a destination so distant that you probably haven't even heard of it before?

If you have an adventurous soul, these 4 remote places that we at have sussed out for you might just be the places you never knew you needed to add to your bucket list.

4 Most Remote Places In The World For The Truly Adventurous

1. Point Nemo

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Nope, Point Nemo isn't a spot in the ocean where you will have fun deep diving while finding Nemo (pun intended). Rather, Point Nemo is a pole of inaccessibility in the South Pacific Ocean where nothing but maybe a handful of deep sea creatures can call this particular place their home. This scientific spot that marks the absolute middle of nowhere on Planet Earth is a lifeless place so far away from land that it wouldn't even be surprising that the closest human beings to Point Nemo are, in fact, astronauts.

2. Oymyakon, Russia

Image source: Maarten Takens - Wikimedia Commons

Love downing vodka shots a bit too much on nights out with your friends without caring a bit for your wallet? Russia should be the place for you. For a dose of brutal frigidness and remoteness, the Russian village of Oymyakon will tick the boxes for you. For the uninitiated, this exotic part of Europe is one of the coldest populated locales on Earth; its coldest recorded temperature was a mind numbing -71.2°C.

Psst, nothing really grows there and word has it that the locals survive on a diet comprising horse and reindeer meat (yikes!). So only visit if you are braver than most (check out these traditional European foods that 99% of Singaporeans won't dare to try, too).

3. Kerguelen Islands

Image source: Ultima Thule

With an alternative name the likes of Desolation Islands, it should give you a clear idea how incredibly remote this French Overseas Territory nestled in the southern Indian Ocean is. The subantarctic Kerguelen Islands is over 3300 kilometres away from the closest inhabited location and that makes it one of the most isolated places you can find on our planet.

Although, it should be noted that this rocky archipelago that sits just outside of the Antarctic circle is magnificent it its own right; picturesque landscapes, glaciers, tundra-like lichens and moss - you name it, they have it (okay, except regular trees that we're so used to seeing day in day out).

4. Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China

Landlocked and bordered by eight countries in the Central Asia region is Xinjiang, home of the Muslim Uighur minority in China that's often fraught with conflict. You might be surprised to learn that Ürümqi, the capital city of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, was once a major hub along the Silk Road during the Tang Dynasty and is a major commercial hub today.

Anyhow, Ürümqi is Western China's biggest city that happens to be the most isolated city from any sea in the world. You can spend your time munching on kebabs, horseback riding, hiking and more while you're there.

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