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18 HDB Flats with Balcony Space in Singapore and Tips on How to Decorate

·8-min read

Owning an HDB flat with balcony space has been a nice-to-have for the longest time. However, during the 2020 global lockdowns, living in an apartment with a balcony became more coveted than ever. So much so that there have been calls to build better balconies in cities.

In the same period, many Singapore residents picked up growing indoor plants, which resulted in a local botanic boom. Forum letters have been written to ask HDB to construct flats with balconies for gardening too.

With 81% of the Singapore resident population living in HDB flats, having a balcony is one way to give the masses a private outdoor space. If you’d like to live in an HDB flat with a balcony space, here’s a list of properties you can view.

The lucky ones who already have a balcony can use our HDB balcony ideas to spruce up your space. And if you don’t have one, don’t worry, we’ve included tips for you too!

Where to Find HDB Flats with Balconies from $400,000

Owning executive maisonettes and condominium apartments aside, living in an HDB flat with balcony space is arguably the most affordable way to have private outdoor space in our city.

While rare, there are HDB units with balconies scattered across the island. Here are some HDB flats with a balcony for sale we found on the PropertyGuru website*.

HDB Flats with a Balcony Space for Sale


3-room flat at 348B Yishun Avenue 11


3-room flat at 748A Bedok Reservoir Crescent


4-room flat at 269B Punggol Field


4-room flat at 310B Punggol Walk


5-room flat at 420 Canberra Road


4-room flat at 679A Punggol Drive


Executive apartment at 354D Admiralty Drive


5-room flat at 111 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4


4-room flat at 748B Bedok Reservoir Crescent


Executive apartment at 669D Jurong West Street 64


Executive apartment at 548 Pasir Ris Street 51


5-room flat at 138B Yuan Ching Road


5-room flat at 121A Kim Tian Place


5-room flat at 519D Tampines Central 8


5-room flat at 747A Bedok Reservoir Crescent


5-room flat at 7 Boon Keng Road


5-room flat at 273A Bishan Street 24


5-room flat at 275A Bishan Street 24


You would have probably noticed most of these flats tend to be located in the OCR districts. If they’re newer HDB flats, they’re likely located in Punggol or are DBSS units. Older homes with balconies tend to be larger five-room HDB flats and executive apartments.

When you budget for a new home, keep in mind these are resale flats. Likely, they’ll cost more than BTO flats, and you might have to pay cash over valuation (COV).

If you like the neighbourhood one of these units are located in, scroll down the page to view other similar listings or properties in the same block.

For more options, browse all available balcony units for sale on PropertyGuru. Indicate ‘HDB’ in the filter option to narrow your search results!

*This list is non-exhaustive. All featured PropertyGuru listings were available at the time of writing. Due to the nature of property listings, they may be taken down at any time.

HDB Flat Balcony Design Ideas to Decorate Your Space

While you can look at HDB maisonette balcony designs for inspiration, you won’t be able to ctrl c + ctrl v the look into most balconies. Interior designers or contractors create the space with much more room to play around; typical HDB flats have balconies that are sometimes only half the size of an executive maisonette’s.

Still, that shouldn’t stop you. Even if your house doesn’t come with a balcony, you can repurpose a part of your living room to design a faux ‘balcony’ area.

So whether you want to transform your HDB indoor balcony into a garden or fashion a personal outdoor dining spot, here are some HDB balcony ideas you can use to decorate your home to your heart’s content.

1. Create an ‘Outdoor’ Play Area for Your Little Ones

Hdb-with-balcony  (8)
Hdb-with-balcony (8)

Source: Vestida de Mae

With the return to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) and COVID-19 cases spiking and clusters forming again, it might be better to stay indoors.

Still, you don’t want to deprive your children of outdoor playtime. So why not transform your balcony into a little play area? Some ideas you could add to the play area include:

  • A mini children’s tent filled with pillows

  • An inflatable pool filled with sand for an outdoor playbox

  • A child-sized table and chair set for them to doodle and draw on

Switch out the flooring by overlaying the area with artificial turf or rubber mats. Secure the zone with proper meshing, and you’re good to go!

Only have fur kids? No problem. You can have climbing structures or build a play area for your pets to stay active indoors. Remember to mesh your windows too to keep them safe. If you don’t want to spend a bomb on pet furniture, try furnishing your house cheaply via Taobao.

2. Grow Plants in Your HDB Balcony Garden

Woman watering plant in container on balcony garden
Woman watering plant in container on balcony garden

Those with green fingers can choose to grow their plants on their balcony. Having plants is a charming way to decorate your home!

If you get a lot of sun, try your hand at growing edibles such as chilli, eggplant and various herbs. And when your plant collection starts getting out of hand, rearrange your space and install a vertical garden. Like the idea but have black thumbs? ‘Cheat’ by hanging up fake plants.

In this home, a raised platform was added to create a cosy balcony nook. The in-built drawers then serve as a clever home storage solution that also breaks up the living room and balcony areas. Adding slats to the faux ceiling is a smart way to allow for hanging plants.

3. Extend Your Living Room Area

Hdb-with-balcony  (1)
Hdb-with-balcony (1)

Source: Decor Fácil

If you like to entertain friends and family, consider your balcony as your living room 2.0. Your indoor and outdoor spaces should have complementary designs so that the two blend seamlessly together. Having balcony doors that open up all the way and using matching colour schemes and materials should do the trick.

Those who have purchased a BTO flat should know that there are rules surrounding balcony sliding doors. According to HDB, examples of disallowed door works include the “removal or replacement of sliding door different from the one originally provided at the balcony, where window installation is not allowed.”

That means you can’t replace the balcony sliding doors of a BTO flat anyhow. Check and follow the standard defect rectification process should you spot any errors with your flat.

Hdb-with-balcony  (7)
Hdb-with-balcony (7)

Source: The Interior Lab

You’ll want to have ample sitting options for your guests. Bean bags, hammocks, daybeds, or a perimeter bench are good options to lend your balcony a casual air. Like in this Kim Tian Place home, rocking chairs are a fun seating alternative.

Source unique pieces by shopping at secondhand furniture stores for vintage pieces. Purchasing wicker or rattan furniture is another way you can lend charm to your home.

4. Install a Bar Counter to Dine with a View

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If you live on a high floor, you’ll probably have a fantastic view of the city. In that case, you may want to eat out on your balcony. We don’t know about you, but sipping on a glass of wine as you watch the sunset sounds like the perfect way to end the day.

Install a bar counter on balconies to maximise valuable floor space. Get decking, fix on window blinds, put in some chairs, and you’re good to go.

Hdb-with-balcony  (2)
Hdb-with-balcony (2)

Depending on your balcony size, you can also shift your dining room outdoors. Source: Bowerman

For those without an actual balcony, you could turn a portion of your living room into an indoor patio. In this Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 home, the flooring type, beam and column segment the two spaces. Add in the bar counter and stools, and voila, balcony!

Hdb-with-balcony  (4)
Hdb-with-balcony (4)

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 HDB flat. Source: HOFT

More FAQs about HDB Flats with Balconies

Are There HDBs with Balcony?

Yes! To find one, simply head over to the PropertyGuru website and type “HDB balcony” into our search filters.

What Can I Do with an HDB Balcony?

You could extend your living room area, create an ‘outdoor’ home gym area or install seating and a table so you can dine al fresco from the comfort of your house.

Does BTO Flat Have Balcony?

Depending on the project, you may get a balcony. These balconies are typically 15 to 20 square metres in size.

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