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1 in 2 Singapore employees planning to leave job: survey

Dissatisfaction with pay is spurring employees in Singapore to consider leaving their jobs for greener pastures, according to human resource company Randstad.

In a statement, the firm said Thursday that in its survey of 4,500 employees in the city-state last December, 56 per cent said they plan to leave their jobs within the next two years.

"People are feeling they've helped their companies through a few tough years. For many, this was during the same time that salaries were frozen and bonuses were lower," said Randstad Director of Singapore Micheal Smith.

"Now that the outlook is more positive and many business are in a position to loosen their purse strings, employees are demanding their hard work is recognised - and if it isn't they'll vote with their feet," he noted.

Other reasons cited by respondents include lack of work-life balance as well as an unpleasant work atmosphere.

Smith said that companies can offer compensation not just through financial benefits, but also by "offering career development opportunities or time-in-lieu".

Emphasising the need to value workers, Smith said, "Particularly in this tight labour market, it's important for organisations to understand what people value and what motivates their career choices."

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