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SymbolNameLast TradeTypeExchange
^SP400-40402035S&P 400 Hotel & Resort REITs (S99.11IndexSNP
^NQUSL8675AUDTNQ US Lg Cap Specialty REITs AU1,538.19IndexNIM
^NQUSM8672AUDTNQ US Md Cap Retail REITs AUD T1,481.11IndexNIM
^NQUSB8677LMGBPTNQ US Hotel & Lodging REITs Lg810.17IndexNIM
^NQUSB8674EURNNQ US Bnchmk Diversified REITs 1,223.79IndexNIM
^NQUSB8672AUDTNQ US Bnchmk Retail REITs AUD T1,539.53IndexNIM
^NQUSL8672AUDNQ US Lg Cap Retail REITs AUD I1,466.11IndexNIM
^NQUSB8676LMAUDTNQ US Mortgage REITs Large Mid1,290.96IndexNIM
3493662.SWWV GL REITS AC130.39Mutual FundEBS
KR5345714830.KSHana New Leader Dunnae PF REITs 11329.87Mutual FundKSC
^NQUSM8671AUDNNQ US Md Cap Ind & Office REITs1,544.01IndexNIM
^NQUSS8673EURNQ US Sm Cap Residential REITs 1,430.82IndexNIM
^NQUSB8673LMEURNNQ US Residential REITs Lg Md 1,985.70IndexNIM
^NQUSB8675CADNNQ US Bnchmk Specialty REITs CA1,467.97IndexNIM
KR5237AQ6012.KSJPMorgan Global RE Feeder REITs-FoF S954.40Mutual FundKSC
TW000T0326B4.TWFSITC Global REITs B-INC5.97Mutual FundTAI
^NQUSB8673LMAUDNQ US Residential REITs Lg Md 1,843.05IndexNIM
KR5213925070.KSHanwha Japan REITs Fund of Funds 1 A983.10Mutual FundKSC
^NQUSS8675AUDNNQ US Sm Cap Specialty REITs AU1,386.04IndexNIM