• Banks Are Starting To Change Their Home Loan Packages – Should You Be Refinancing Your Home Loan Now?

    A certain recently elected President might have caused the Asian markets to go completely bonkers for a day or so, but thankfully that same effect doesn’t usually apply that immediately when it comes to home loan interest rates, if not people would be perpetually scrambling to refinance their home loans. As we’ve mentioned …

  • 3 Reasons Why Getting a Loan for Your Business Isn’t a Bad Idea

    Getting a business loan is one solution that can help to ease cash flow issues. Much like how a tailwind might help to ease the running of a marathon, a business loan can also give you that push needed to keep your business going.

  • Is Credit Card Debt Eating You Alive? Here’s What You Should Know About Debt Consolidation

    Because of high credit card interest rates, leaving large outstanding balances on your credit card account will lead to large amounts of interest. Here’s an easy infographic to help you understand the dangers, and what you can do about your credit card debt. Do you need a debt consolidation loan?

  • Can’t Afford to Go to University? Here are 9 Options for Getting Those Fees Paid

    Your parents may not have enough cash to pay for your education, but if they have money locked up in their CPF accounts, you might be able to loan enough cash to pay most of your tuition fees and pay it back after graduation as part of the CPF education scheme. The catch is that only students of certain education institutions …

  • Singaporeans Thinking of Taking Out a Payday Loan Should Read This First

    On the surface, Singaporeans look like a serious, hardworking, prudent bunch who don’t take any risks and always do the responsible thing. It seems lots of Singaporeans just can’t keep their spending in check, which means that a lot of people are turning to credit cards or payday loans at the end of the month when their …

  • 3 Mistakes Young Singaporeans Make When Purchasing Their BTO Flat

    It’s 2016 and almost everyone in Singapore has a smartphone. In the home loans market in Singapore, different banks have taken turns to come up with the best home loan package, each trying to outdo their competition by offering lower rates or more attractive benefits. This bank has the best home loan package, and it’s …

  • Car Loan Restrictions in Singapore Have Been Lifted, So Should You Rush To Buy a Car Now?

    Buying a car in Singapore is cheap and easy? Actually, it is! MAS announced last week that the car loan restrictions that were implemented slightly over three years ago have now been lifted. For cars with an OMV of $20,000 or less (that includes the Toyota Corolla Altis, the preferred car of Singaporeans), you can now …

  • How Singaporeans Can Gear Up for the Lousy Economy in Singapore’s Future

    Earlier this week, DBS revealed their May Day Home Loan Special, a promotional home loan package that claims to be irresistibly low at a rate of 1% per annum. The lock-in period for this May Day Special is for 3 years. It is pegged to the bank’s 18-month fixed deposit interest rate, and is currently 0.600% per year.

  • Now That Fixed Deposit-Linked Mortgage Rates Have Gone Up, Should Singaporeans Panic?

    Now that DBS has raised its fixed deposit linked home loan rate or DBS FHR from 0.5% to 0.6% two weeks ago, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something to that theory. Why has the DBS FHR gone up? This interest rate has spent several years near 0%, as you can see from the chart below, but has only last month been allowed …

  • 3 Important Basics Singaporeans Must Know When It Comes To Your Home Downpayment

    The biggest hurdle to most Singaporeans hoping to purchase property isn’t the hefty loan repayments each month, but the gigantic downpayment, a sum that exceeds the lifetime earnings of the average person in many neighbouring countries… especially as we’re not exactly known for being the biggest savers, thanks to the existence …

  • DBS Home Loans – The Fixed Deposit Home Rate (FHR) and Why It’s So Different From Other Home Loans

    When I think groundbreaking, I don’t usually think of DBS home loans. This board rate hopes to become a viable alternative to the Singapore Interbank Offered Rate (SIBOR). Based on the take up rate of DBS home loan packages pegged to the FHR since its introduction in June this year, it seems to have worked.

  • 3 Common Mistakes That Make Singaporeans Lose Money on the Property Market

    In some ways, find a good home loans like finding the perfect life partner. Unlike finding the perfect life partner, however, you’re not expected to spend the rest of your working life with the same bank paying back your home loan. There’s no loyalty when it comes to saving money on your home loan.

  • 3 Reasons Why Taking a Cash Advance on Your Credit Card is Financial Suicide

    When you’re in desperate need of money that you don’t have, one option is to withdraw money using your credit card. All you need is to have a PIN for your credit card – one should have been issued to you when you first received it. When you withdraw money from your credit card account, what you’re really doing is taking …

  • 2 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Car in Singapore

    It’s no secret that cars cost a bomb in Singapore. In fact, Singapore has extremely high car ownership rates for a city, and taking a 5 year loan to pay for a vehicle is exceedingly common. Clearly, owning a car does not make sense for everyone, and some people are spending unnecessary cash on vehicles they can’t aff …

  • Here’s Why Singaporeans Are No Longer Using Housing Agents

    Fortunately for HDB flat owners, we’ve got the Home Protection Scheme. Wait, wait, wait… what exactly is this Home Protection Scheme? The Home Protection Scheme (HPS) is a mortgage-reducing term insurance that protects you and your family should you die or suffer total permanent disability before the housing loan is fully …

  • Driving Centre Versus Private Driving Instructor: Which Is Better?

    “Why the COE prices go up?” Yes, it’s true, COE prices have gone up again in March, despite last month’s drop in premiums. I’m not going to lie to you, the benefit of leasing a car may not be immediately obvious. For example, buying a new Toyota Altis today would cost you about $120,000, with COE. If you take a car loan …

  • 5 Reasons Why You’d Be Silly To Ignore Commercial Property in 2015

    Let’s say you’ve squirrelled away a hefty sum of money and have been thinking of plonking it down on a property investment. Uncles at your local coffeeshop have been filling your head with all manner of praises for property investment, and how it appreciates over time and the monthly payments for the loan are more than …

  • A Master’s Degree is Only Worth Your Money if it Satisfies These 3 Criteria

    There are also education loans available from banks and other financial institutions that make it easier to repay your fees over a longer period of time. Generally, you have to be between 21 years old and 60 years of age to apply for an education loan. Applicants under the age of 21 will need to have a guarantor, while …

  • Buying a Lake Life EC Unit? Here Are 3 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Your Home Loan

    If you were one of the lucky few that secured a unit at Lake Life over the weekend, you may have really lucked out on a bang for buck property purchase. With property prices continuing to drop and fears of oversupply in the market, as EC launches face off with BTOs and other private properties, the Lake Life developers …

  • 6 Critical Things About Your Money Every Singaporean Needs to Understand Right Now

    Needless to say, money is damn important in Singapore. When it comes to property in Singapore, not understanding your home loan AND what you need to do to get a home loan can lead to confusion and major disappointment at not being able to get that Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat or private property you want.

  • 5 Things to Consider Before Taking Up an Education Loan

    Don’t choose an education loan the way Singaporeans choose what tertiary courses to enrol in—by choosing the hardest one to get into. Just because a bank tells you’ll be approved for an education loan doesn’t necessarily mean taking it up is a good idea.

  • A Master’s Degree is Only Worth Your Money if it Satisfies These 3 Criteria

    Now that you’re older, you might, in a move that would surely have shocked your 8-year-old self, actually want to prolong your days as a student—and even be willing to pay good money for it with the help of an education loan. If you’re enrolling at a local public institution (like NUS, NTU and the like), your school probably …

  • What is the TRUE Cost of Owning a Car in Singapore? You Don’t Want to Know…

    The hideously inflated cost of owning a car is meant to discourage the vast majority of Singaporeans from owning a car. Well, officially prices are at Kaiju-like levels to prevent Singapore’s roads from becoming too overly congested (and to get you to take public transport). You buy the car with a 50% down payment and …

  • 3 Things That You Can Do To Make Your Life Much Easier When It Comes To Refinancing

    Home loan refinancing is one of those things that people know they should look into but as with many important things but less ‘urgent’ things in life, it often gets lost in the hum of everyday life. This is especially so since our mortgages have been in place for some time, usually for a few years, and the amounts are …

  • The 3 Absolute Worst Things You’re Wasting Money On

    Huge Down Payment: Expect to pay a 40% down payment on a 5-year car loan if your vehicle’s Open Market Value (OMV) is less than $20,000 and a 50% down payment if the OMV is more. Value Depreciates Greatly: Expect the value of your car to depreciate at a rate of 10% its value every year, that’s because the Monetary Authority …

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