• There are many adages and sayings in the money management business, but one of my favorites comes from Warren Buffett: "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful." ...

  • The debate reignited earlier this month when Charles Schwab launched Intelligent Portfolios, an algorithm-based platform that builds and rebalances portfolios automatically, similar to the asset-management services of robo-advisors. Charles Schwab's treatment of cash in the platform raised eyebrows immediately, attracting …

  • Yesterday, the New York Times published some...

  • Un trader al lavoro

    My dad was not a banker or financial analyst. He was one of those old-fashioned "country" lawyers who could see past the con job that someone was trying to pull, cut to the heart of the matter ...

  • What kind of investment results would we get if we just tackled the things we can control? This week's portfolio report card is for Z.K., a 55-year-old real estate broker in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Z.K.'s combined portfolios consist of two individual retirement accounts and a SEP IRA valued at $381,601. One of his traditional …

  • "My clients who are on track to meet their financial goals are the ones who have good savings habits," says Lauren Lindsay, director of financial planning at Personal Financial Advisors in Covington, Louisiana. Jerry Chafkin, chief investment officer at AssetMark in Concord, California, likens investor behavior to that …

  • Startups: Don't Make These 3 Financial Mistakes

    This type of startup financing gets you in on the ground floor with companies of your choosing.

  • Robinhood, Acorns, StockTwits and Openfolio can give mobile investors a leg up on the market.

  • Some of the biggest advances for retail investors include: the ability to buy or sell securities for a very low cost, significant diversification from mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, in a variety of markets and more online tools and articles than you will likely every need. It's easy to see why investors …

  • Even the most pleasing ice cream on a hot summer day can result in a headache. Such is the pain mutual-fund investors are feeling as they prepare their taxes. Another year of sweet returns for stock funds ...

  • President Barack Obama's recent endorsement of fiduciary standards for financial advisors could have significant implications for the investment industry. Said differently, the president is pushing to require financial advisors to put the client's needs before their own. Your advisor may not have your best interests in …

  • Money

    Don't blow your windfall -- either on the obvious (a shopping spree) or the insidious (the one investment you probably shouldn't make, according to financial advisors). "Pay yourself first," says Kathleen Hastings, portfolio manager with FBB Capital Partners, based in Bethesda, Maryland. If you channel most of your windfall …

  • millionaire

    "When I get new clients who are under age 35, I ask them, 'Do you know how old you will be when you become a millionaire?'" says Jerry Love, a certified public accountant and financial planner based in Abilene, Texas. "There should be other components, such as individual savings, equity in real estate and a Social Security …

  • There's a storm of information and opinion that swirls around the Internet and the financial press concerning your retirement savings, and how to make sure you're financially secure after you leave the workforce. You can get more income from corporate bonds, municipal bonds, preferred stocks and high-dividend stocks.

  • The market's already one step ahead of you when it comes to digesting the impact of geopolitical turmoil.

  • All of us are 15 years older since the Nasdaq passed 5,000 the first time, but are we smarter? My latest portfolio report card is for a married couple, C.G. in Lake Orion, Michigan. He is 56, she is 48, and they asked me to grade their combined $1.4 million investment portfolio. Let's do a portfolio report card for C.G. …

  • If you buy funds that own high-quality debt, you'll get a bit of income and stand a good chance of getting some price appreciation.

  • Because it's a widely diversified measure of the domestic stock market, the S&P 500 has become the de-facto benchmark for most U.S. investors. The total U.S. stock market, including companies of all sizes -- not only those in the S&P 500 index -- makes up about 50 percent of global market capitalization.

  • stock chart

    Eliminating complicated investments can make your portfolio easier to manage and could even boost your returns. Automating your finances can also make it easier to save money and track your investments. Automated online investment management platforms or robo advisors such as Betterment and Wealthfront can make investing …

  • But for baby boomers heading into retirement in relatively good health and determined to stay that way, living to 100 is an increasingly likely possibility. "You think, I'll be old, active and I'll have money," says Jan Blakeley Holman, director of advisor education for Thornburg Investments, a money management firm based …

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