• Visiting Rome, Cologne and London in a Single Trip? Here Are 5 Ways to Choose the Best Travel Insurance

    Take travel insurance for example, you shouldn’t be expected to pay the same amount regardless if you’re going on a weekend trip to Bali or a safari tour in South Africa. How much should you be paying for your travel insurance, and which is the best travel insurance for you? Regardless of how many countries you visit, …

  • Not so fast: Singapore’s services sector isn’t as indestructible as it seems, say analysts

    As Singapore averted yet another technical recession with an overachieving GDP growth of 1.9%, mainly due to an equally expectation-surpassing services growth, it’s easy to see the sector as the be all and end all solution for Singapore’s economic woes. According to analysts from OCBC, key services industries has shown …

  • Daily Briefing: SGX opens dark pool for bonds; Looking for digital health startups in Singapore

    Singapore Exchange Ltd. will open a dark pool for bonds as the 42-year-old bourse prepares to enter the institutional fixed-income trading business for the first time next year. The venue will form part of SGX’s Bond Pro platform scheduled for the first quarter of 2016, Tsai Li Renn, the bourse’s head of fixed income, …

  • Worried About Flight Delays and Lost Baggage? Here’s the Best Travel Insurance to Get Under $50

    Of course you did, you wouldn’t be reading this article if you were one of those people who actually go overseas without travel insurance. What is the most common travel insurance claim? In fact, flight delays are what most travellers experience, and it’s not surprising, especially when you consider the preference for …

  • Here’s Why You Still Need to Buy Insurance Instead of Just Relying on MediShield Life

    Ever since MediShield Life took effect on November 1st, every Singaporean Citizen and PR (whether you even live in the country or not) is now covered by it. If the words “MediShield Life” have crossed your Facebook news feed so often this week that your brain is now registering it as spam, feel free to skip this section. …

  • Singapore’s life insurance industry records 7% jump to $2.16b in new business premiums

    According to a statement by Life Insurance Association of Singapore, there was a 21% increase in the uptake of annual premium products in 3Q2015 compared to last year, while the purchase of single premium investment-linked policies saw a 13% jump. LIA Singapore attributed the growth to new product launches, sales and marketing …

  • 4 Reasons You Might Want To Consider Getting Wedding Insurance

    Weddings in Singapore can cost as much as a small house in another country. If you suffer a medical emergency, your car or house will not disappear, but your wedding will be ruined. Few people realise there is such a thing as wedding insurance in Singapore.

  • Make-or-break time for ComfortDelGro as competition heats up

    According to analysts from UOB Kay Hian, ComfortDelGro would have the upperhand against newcomers as drivers will continue to find CD’s value proposition attractive in areas such as diesel subsidies, insurance coverage paid by CD and high call bookings. “In addition, we believe the authorities could be relooking at potential …

  • After Spending So Much On Home Renovations, Are You Sure Your Home is Protected?

    When you purchase a HDB flat, condominium apartment or landed property, most people are required to purchase a fire insurance policy. Now, you might be forgiven for seeing the words “fire” and “insurance” and thinking that you got your bases covered, but fire insurance and home contents insurance cover two separate th …

  • No vacancy: Local finance hiring stumbles as global economy wobbles

    Online job listings slipped 13% in August. Banks and other financial institutions have become more cautious in expanding their headcount as global economic volatility escalates, according to a report by online employment site Monster.com. The report said that online job listings in the banking, financial services and …

  • The 6 Most Important Policies That May Have Changed the Game in General Election 2015

    After the results of last week’s General Elections, some of you may be emotionally affected. Although the health insurance premiums will be higher, the government also announced subsidies amounting to $4 billion dollars over the next 5 years.

  • Economists trim GDP forecasts as key growth drivers lose steam

    Economists and analysts have lowered their 2015 growth forecasts for Singapore, according to the Monetary Authority of Singapore's (MAS) latest Survey of Professional Forecasters. Growth forecasts have also been trimmed for other key macroeconomic indicators such as finance and insurance, construction, wholesale & retail …

  • Silverlake Axis struggles for big-money deals as banks' woes mount

    Large contracts might be few and far between for Silverlake Axis for the current financial year. "[The] challenging outlook for banks implies that big licensing contracts may be difficult in FY16," DBS said in a report. DBS noted that banks account for 80% of Silverlake's core banking software business, while the rest …

  • 7 Things You Probably Don’t Know Your Home Contents Insurance Covers You For

    Think about home contents insurance and visions of your block being burnt to the ground flash through your mind. Should there ever be a riot over the escalating price of economy rice at your local hawker centre or should terrorists ever decide to detonate a bomb in the lobby of your condo, you’ll be glad to know that the …

  • Which Singaporeans Benefit the Most From the Dependents’ Protection Scheme (DPS)

    The second I got my first salary, I was bombarded with mail from banks offering credit cards and companies pushing insurance policies. The Dependents’ Protection Scheme is a term life insurance scheme which is automatically extended to all Singaporeans and PRs between 21 and 60. Who is eligible for the Dependents’ Protection …

  • 3 Terms and Conditions That Will Void Your Life Insurance Claims

    We know that making an insurance claim can sometimes be a tricky business. You’ve got to provide enough evidence to substantiate your claim, and sometimes your claim can be voided if you can’t show enough ...

  • Should You Really Buy Insurance Based on Product Brochures and What the Agent Says?

    The insurance product brochure tells you that this is a company that cares. Just sign up for that insurance policy already! Well, before you sign on the dotted line, beware. You can’t choose an insurance policy the way you would a pair of shoes.

  • Do HDB Owners Actually Know What the Home Protection Scheme Even Does and Is It Good Enough

    Fortunately for HDB flat owners, we’ve got the Home Protection Scheme. Wait, wait, wait… what exactly is this Home Protection Scheme? The Home Protection Scheme (HPS) is a mortgage-reducing term insurance that protects you and your family should you die or suffer total permanent disability before the housing loan is fully …

  • 3 Big Reasons More Singaporean Employers Should Let Their Employees Work From Home

    To Singaporean employers, perks usually mean things like a gym membership, medical insurance or being allowed to wear jeans on Casual Friday. No matter what SMRT says, commuting in Singapore during peak hour is stressful as hell. In fact, it’s so stressful that NUS researchers have been trying to find out whether surfing …

  • Great Eastern's net profit jumped 14% to $277.7m in Q2

    Despite lower sales, Great Eastern's net profit grew 14% year-on-year to $277.7m on back of a massive one-off gain. “Q2-15 was a relatively slow quarter for Great Eastern, particularly in the Singapore market where the launch of single premium Participating products was curtailed in view of anticipated rise in interest …

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