• 5 Reasons Why MediShield is Like the Chery QQ of Health Insurance

    “It’s very rewarding… when you get to your destination in one piece,” a local celebrity who drives a Chery QQ once said. After all, let’s be honest, in a country like Singapore, where cars are ridiculously overpriced, the Chery QQ is compact convenience that comes with a relatively cheap price tag. Well, MediShield is …

  • 5 Critical Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Travel Insurance

    Here are 5 things you need to know before you buy travel insurance. Buying travel insurance is not like buying a “warehouse sale” LV bag in Chatuchak Market. There are many other factors to consider when choosing the best travel insurance other than price.

  • Car Insurance No-Claim Discount Protector – Is It Worth The Money?

    I keep a four car distance from the next vehicle in front of me. When accidents happen, one of the biggest complaints Singaporeans have about claiming on their car insurance is the worry that they’ll lose their No Claim Discount (NCD). Whenever you buy car insurance, the insurance company asks you more personal questions …

  • 11 Car Parks in Singapore You Didn’t Know Had Free Parking

    Earlier this year, the car park at the Marina Barrage stopped being free. Plaza Singapura is arguably one of the most popular shopping centres along Orchard Road. So this is arguably the best free parking deal on this list, assuming you are confident about not scratching the side of your car along their narrow exit ramp. …

  • Daily Briefing: Policymakers mull grand LKY tribute; Electric taxis on their way to Singapore

    A new national holiday? The death of the widely revered leader known as "LKY" last month has sparked a vigorous debate in Singapore over how to honour its first prime minister, who famously disdained personal monuments. The future of Singapore’s taxi industry may be electric: a car named EVA was officially launched on …

  • Here’s What You Need To Know Before Using the compareFIRST Insurance Platform

    The recently-introduced compareFIRST platform, launched as a collaborative effort by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), MAS, the Life Insurance Association, Singapore and MoneySENSE has broken new boundaries in the life insurance space with an online comparison portal that allows users to compare insurance policies …

  • Great Eastern raises $762.8m by paring stake in New China Life Insurance

    Shareholders will bag $123m from the sale. Great Eastern holdings has raised $762.8m by selling 85 million shares in Hong Kong-listed New China Life Insurance. Following the transaction, GEH has pared ...

  • Which insurance stock is the best performer YTD?

    The overall segment registered high gains in 2014. Singapore’s finance & insurance sector registered the highest growth for the services-producing industries, with the MTI noting that this was propped ...

  • DBS seals $1.6b bancassurance deal with Manulife

    DBS has bagged a $1.6b (US$1.2b) bancassurance deal with Manulife Financial Asia. Under the agreement, DBS will distribute Manulife’s insurance products in four key markets, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Indonesia. Manulife intends to fund the deal with internal resources. Leading to the agreement with Manulife, …

  • 5 Silly Ways That Singaporeans Are Wasting Money on Petrol

    When it comes to cars in Singapore, buying one is already so expensive that some people think it’s pointless trying to save on the peripheral costs of actually running it. While you might not be able to control how much you end up paying for your ERP tolls in certain situations, you can most definitely save a significant …

  • DBS in talks with Manulife over $1b bancassurance deal

    DBS will distribute insurance products in Asia. According to a report by Reuters, Canadian insurer Manulife Financial Corp is close to an about $1 billion deal to sell products through Singapore lender ...

  • 6 Steps You Need To Take When Claiming Travel Insurance

    Well, just wait till you try making an ill-prepared travel insurance claim, and it’ll make the drama you are claiming for feel like a spa visit. Anyone who’s bothered to read your travel insurance policy knows just how many terms and conditions, limitations and exclusions there are. Here are the 6 steps to making a travel …

  • Singapore’s economy to grow 3% in 2015, says ADB

    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) forecasts Singapore’s economy to grow by 3% in 2015 and 3.4% in 2016, as global recovery gathers momentum and the service sector continues to strengthen. The ADB believes that finance, insurance, and business services will be the main drivers of growth again in 2015 and 2016, but growth …

  • Singapore’s financial sector to grow 7.5% in 2015

    Despite a lower forecast for Singapore’s economy as a whole, private economists expect financials to do better. According to a release by SGX, the Finance and Insurance sector is forecast to grow 7.5% instead of 6.5% estimated in the December survey. Elsewhere, the Singapore economy expanded by 2.9% in 2014, slowing from …

  • Here’s Why You Should Never Buy Travel Insurance From Airlines

    Travel insurance is supposed to give you peace of mind, but for all those people who just passively buy the travel insurance policy offered by the airline they’re buying tickets on without even bothering to read what they’re getting, peace of mind might be the only thing they actually get. The thing is, the travel insurance …

  • CapitaGreen poised for growth on back of strong tenant interest, long-term leases

    According to DBS, CapitaGreen has achieved commitment level of 69% as of December 2014, with 91% of leases set expire only after 2019. Insurance firms make up bulk of CapitaGreen's tenant mix, followed by companies in the energy, commodities, maritime and logistics sectors, along with financial services firms.

  • What Should You Do If You Get Robbed In Malaysia?

    Singaporeans love to travel to Malaysia for many reasons – for work, the cheap petrol, the amazing food, soak in the culture, or just take advantage of the really good exchange rate. It’s so convenient that you can head north to Johor, shop around, and come back to Singapore in the same day. So naturally, you wouldn’t …

  • Travel

    We all know how important travel insurance is, but if you’re planning a ski trip, scuba diving trip or something even crazier than that, then you need to know what kind of travel insurance provides the best cover for adventurous activities. Here are 6 things you need to pay attention to when buying your travel insurance. …

  • Finance sector the only bright spot in Singapore’s lacklustre labour productivity growth

    The construction sector led the decline. Recent numbers in Singapore’s economy are still leaving much to be desired, with aggregate labour productivity growth continuing to disappoint. Nomura adds that the decline was led by the construction sector and almost all segments of the services sector, except finance & insurance. …

  • Labour productivity slips for the third straight quarter with 1.5% contraction in Q4

    All sectors saw a dip in productivity, except for finance & insurance, which registered robust productivity growth of 5.1%.

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