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Top 5 interior design trends

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By Cameron Woo (for iProperty)

What are the up-and-coming trends in the world of interior design?

As an interior designer, being constantly asked this question pushes me to stay updated on current trends of living spaces, as well as to envision interior trends five, 10, and maybe even 20 years down the road.

Interior design is alive. It constantly evolves over time, reflecting living standards, affluence levels and lifestyles. If you are looking to give your home a fresh new look, do read on for five of the hottest interior design trends shaping the way we currently live. I personally anticipate that they will continue doing so way into the near future.

Trend #1: Stepping off the beaten track

Less conventional Asian homes play with colour and reflect the personalities of the occupants. Image courtesy of Thinkstock.

People are consciously moving away from more conventional designs. A more adventurous consumer is emerging—someone not afraid of introducing new ideas into their homes. In Asia, this means using new colours and materials in homes, instead of sticking to safe and common colours like neutrals, whites and dark browns. Leaving personal marks around the house is a quick way to make it look less like a showflat and more like a home.

Trend #2: Going green

Besides cost and aesthetics, another factor you might like to consider is environmental impact. An increasing number of consumers, well aware that their interior design decisions could affect the environment for better or worse, are showing a growing preference for sustainable options when choosing materials and finishes. These clients seek out better suppliers and contractors who can provide them with excellent sustainable alternatives. If you are renovating your floors, avoid natural stone tiles such as Carrera marble or silver travertine. Instead, opt for manufactured tiles with similar attributes.

Trend #3: Sourcing for storage solutions

With the world population on the incline, shrinking living spaces and congested homes have become a common sight. In Singapore, for instance, shoebox units are gaining popularity. Living in small homes means a need to carve out personal living spaces from the clutter; this can be done through the use of better storage solutions in the home. For those with a few extra dollars to spare, companies like IKEA and Howards Storage World can provide you with interesting, well-designed storage solutions. Another tip is to look out for multi-purpose furniture and installations, such as coffee tables that can store newspapers and magazines, or bed frames with pull-out drawers.

Trend #4: Living under one roof

The ever-rising cost of home ownership has spurred an emerging trend of multi-generational living. With larger households, the different lifestyles of the young, the old, and everyone else in between are now housed within the same residence. Interior designers have to take into account these multiple—sometimes clashing—lifestyles when coming up with designs. Multi-functional space planning is also growing in importance.

Trend #5: Integrating technology into design

Living in the 21st century, it is not surprising to see more homes introducing sophisticated designer technology, especially in the areas of audio-visual entertainment and security enhancement. Both you and your designer should keep abreast of such emerging household technologies when deciding to incorporate them into your renovation plans. This ensures an enhanced total living experience.

These top five design trends will certainly enhance the overall sensory experience in your home. Do take them into consideration the next time you decide to renovate.

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Cameron is an internationally awarded interior designer & founder of Cameron Woo Design in SG & Sydney. Featured in Andrew Martin Interior Design Review, he won Best Residential Interior Designer Award APAC @ International Property Awards.