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  • Tesla’s deep blue shade looks to be on trend

    Jeremy C. Owens/MarketWatchTesla Motors Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk introduces the Model X SUV last year. DMAMBMCMDMEMGZQZRZSZTZU

    If one color expert is correct, we may all be getting the blues soon — at least on cars.

    Jane Harrington, who has been a color pro at PPG Industries Inc. (PPG) for more than 30 years, is betting on blue as an emerging color option for cars in the next few years.

    Harrington has noticed a lot more blue cars in recent auto-show “reveals,” or the showing of a car brand’s new model or a model’s overhaul. In past years, the cars showcased in the reveals were usually painted black, silver, or red.

    Ford Motor Co. (XNYS:F) caused a furor in 2015 when it launched a lineup of sporty “performance” cars and a couple of cheaper cars in a color it called liquid blue — and caused some rambling online since the color was available only as a “concept color,” and not approved for production.

    Ford lovers wishing for blue have to content

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  • Universities exploring 'sanctuary' status for immigrants

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Universities and colleges in several states are considering labeling themselves "sanctuary campuses" amid fears from immigrant students and pressure from activists following the election of Donald Trump.

    College administrators in New Mexico — the state with the highest percentage of Latino residents— are looking into proposals that would grant immigrant students living in the country illegally protections while they pursue their studies.

    Meanwhile, advocates in California, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota and Texas are pressing their state and private universities to provide sanctuary to these immigrant students, known as DREAMers.

    "We urge you to declare the University of San Diego a sanctuary campus for students, faculty, staff and community members now facing, among other things: the threat of deportation under President-elect Donald J. Trump's policy proposals, and the specter of hate speech and bigoted violence in our campus community," read a letter from alumni

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  • What Jill Stein Gets Out of Recounts: Your Email Addresses, Worth Millions

    Editors' pick: Originally published Nov. 29.

    Jill Stein's recount efforts aren't going to win her the presidency. What they will get her is donor data potentially worth millions of dollars.

    The former Green Party candidate has raised more than $6.4 million to fund voting recount efforts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania since November 23. Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in each state by a narrow margin, leading some still-optimistic progressives to hold onto the slim hope the results will be flipped. But Stein, whose distaste for Clinton is obvious, isn't trying to oust Trump. She's gathering email addresses.

    Stein is the owner of the name, contact and credit card information of each and every individual who donates to the #Recount2016 cause. And while at first glance it may appear a trivial detail, in the political realm, it's gold. Not only can she use them for future fundraising efforts of her own, but she can also rent out the emails gathered for thousands and

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  • 6 ways to speed up your Wi-Fi at home

    Tips on how to improve the internet performance in your house or apartment

    Shutterstock.comWhen you’re beyond basic troubleshooting.DMAMBMCMDMEMGZBZBRZDZDRZFZGZQZRZSZTZU

    Rarely do I meet anybody who is completely satisfied with their home Wi-Fi. For all the technological developments we have made since the days when getting on the internet meant sitting through a dial-up connection, home services are often lacking. Not a single top internet provider among Optimum, CenturyLink, AT&T (XNYS:T) , or Verizon Fios (VZ)  has a higher consumer rating than one star on advocacy organization

    I am one such disgruntled consumer. Despite countless calls to my provider and empty threats to switch services, the Wi-Fi in my apartment still just doesn’t work well. Hapless support staff members have suggested everything from unplugging my microwave (presumably to decrease signal interference) to resetting the connection dozens of times, but in the end I was told it is likely my internet

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  • Syrian army advances in Aleppo as civilians flee

    Syria's army advanced in east Aleppo Saturday in a devastating assault that has placed it in control of more than half the former rebel stronghold and sparked a civilian exodus.

    Tens of thousands of civilians have fled eastern neighbourhoods of the battered city since President Bashar al-Assad's regime began its latest offensive in mid-November.

    Overnight, government troops and allied forces seized the district of Tariq al-Bab where heavy fighting had raged a day earlier, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

    On Saturday, regime forces also secured a zone around the road from regime-held west Aleppo to the international airport just east of the city, taking two whole districts while fighting continued in a third.

    The government has now recaptured around 60 percent of eastern parts of the city that rebel forces seized in mid-2012, the monitor said.

    The advance has prompted more civilians to flee, heading either further south into remaining rebel-held districts or crossing into

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  • Media silence on eve of Italy's crunch referendum

    Media silence was imposed across Italy Saturday on the eve of a constitutional referendum crucial for Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who has staked his future on the government reforms.

    In the frantic final round of campaigning which ended on Friday, Renzi's rivals vowed to defeat referendum proposals to streamline parliament and force the centre-left leader out of office.

    The 41-year-old premier is hoping for a last-minute turnaround in voter sentiment, having pledged to quit in the event of a "No".

    While all media comment on the referendum is now banned until polling ends at 11:00 pm (2200 GMT) on Sunday, the campaign continued on social media.

    But #silenzioelettorale (electoral silence) was the among Twitter's top-trending topics as Italian web users rejoiced at the end of a highly-charged campaign.

    Politically and economically, the stakes are high.

    After Britain's vote to leave the European Union and Donald Trump's presidential triumph in the United States, Renzi is being portrayed

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  • Italian banking sector set for new crisis, analysts warn

    Bloomberg NewsMatteo Renzi, Italy's prime ministerDMAMBMCMDMEMGZFZGZQZRZSZTZU

    Remember how the Italian banking crisis threatened to bring down the eurozone financial system over the summer?

    Fast forward four months and we’re at it again. This time it’s not the Italian lenders that are the main concern, but rather how they and the wider European political system will be impacted if Italians vote “no” in Sunday's referendum.

    While the ballot is on proposed constitutional reforms, it is generally being seen in the country as a vote of confidence in Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, with the risk that a victory for “no” will lead to his resignation and the dissolution of Italy’s government.

    Another concern is that a large protest vote could give the populist and anti-EU Five Star movement enough momentum to put Italy on a path to leave the eurozone.

    Read:Investors cast wary eye toward Italy, Austria after Trump win

    “Ever since the Brexit vote,

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  • Use any selloff in Italian stocks as a buying opportunity, JPM strategist says

    ReutersVoters look set to vote against Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on SundayDMAMBMCMDMEMGZBZBRZDZDRZFZGZQZRZSZTZU

    Italian voters are expected to reject constitutional reforms in a referendum on Sunday, as worries grew that a “no” vote could spark a political crisis and a selloff in Italy’s stock market.

    But instead of running for the hills, investors should stay grounded and snatch up any beaten-down Italian shares, says J.P. Morgan’s chief European equity strategist Mislav Matejka.

    “There could be a knee-jerk 2-4% market weakness on Monday if there is a ‘no’ outcome. But unlike following the U.S. election and Brexit, this will not be a big surprise, as the polls were consistently in a ‘no’ camp. Investors have already reduced exposure to Italy significantly,” he told MarketWatch.

    Check out:Opinion: What happens if Italy votes ‘no’ on Sunday

    Italy’s FTSE MIB index (MTAA:I945) has lost more than 20% this

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  • Crude oil joins the Trump party on Wall Street; Dow industrials and S&P 500 both touched new all-time highs in Wednesday trade, extending a record run for equities

    AFP/Getty ImagesThe animal spirits have been unleashed on Wall Street.DMAMBMCMDMEMGZBZBRZDZDRZFZGZQZRZSZTZU

    You don’t have to call it a Trump rally.

    But some market specialists appear to be struggling to pin a name to the recent moves across global markets, which has pushed the S&P 500 index(^GSPC), Dow Jones Industrial Average(^DJI) and Nasdaq Composite Index(^IXIC) into record territory since President-elect Donald Trump’s Nov. 8 victory over rival Hillary Clinton.

    Read: Stop calling stock-market rise a ‘Trump rally’

    Steve Barrow, currency and fixed-income analyst at Standard Bank, said in a Wednesday research note “whatever fears might exist in some quarters about Trump’s win, some sort of animal spirits might have been spurred.” So-called animal spirits is an oft-used term on Wall Street coined by famed economist John Maynard

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  • Short interest on the S&P 500 ETF has risen 11.4% in the past month

    Getty ImagesINDIANAPOLIS, IN - DECEMBER 01: President-elect Donald Trump speaks to workers at Carrier air conditioning and heating on December 1, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)DMAMBMCMDMEMGZQZRZSZTZU

    Leading up to the U.S. presidential election, the stock market suffered nine straight down days, the longest losing streak for the S&P 500 since 1980. What were investors so worried about? In part, it was because polls were indicating that Hillary Clinton was losing her edge over Donald Trump.

    While it has largely been obscured in the aftermath of Trump’s underdog victory, which sparked an equity rally that has taken major market indexes to repeated records, a win by the Republican candidate had been widely seen as negative for markets. The President-elect was viewed as a wild card, lacking a track record in government and offering few or contradictory policy details. His

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